PSG Wealth Enhanced Interest Fund (D)

South African - Interest bearing - Short term
Inception:03 Oct 2011

Latest Price : 22 Apr 2014 R 1.01
12mth Sector Rank6 / 10
12mth Overall Rank298 / 351
12mth Volatility vs Sector Average0.47
Published Retail Buy Fee*- -
Management Company Annual Fees:***0.46%
TER Ratio0.49%
TER Performance- -
TER Date30 Jun 2013
Latest Total AssetsR 713.0m
Assets at end December 2013R 659.8m
Previous QuarterR 583.5m
Move+ R 76.3m
Income Declaration and Payment
Payment1st day of every Month
Performance to 22 Apr 2014 ++
3 months0.02%1.38%1.40%
6 months0.03%2.78%2.81%
1 year0.09%5.44%5.53%
3 years- -- -- -
5 years- -- -- -
Price History
Fees include VAT.
* Published Retail Buy Fee is always the highest fee charged by the Management company.
*** Management Company Annual Fees are automatically worked into price and distributions paid.
++Price performances are based on historical price data, using a NAV price by NAV price comparison and exclude management company initial fees. Income performances are based on interest and dividend distributions of the fund.
Fund Manager
Adriaan Pask
Fund Overview

Objectives: The objective of the PSG Konsult Enhanced Interest Fund is to manage a portfolio at a similar risk levle to a money market fund, but with a slightly enhanced yield relative to money market funds.  

Benchmark: Stefi 6 Month NCD rate after costs

Universe: The fund will invest in liquid assets and a selection of collective investment funds.

Top Holdings at end December 2013
Holding% of Fund
Nedgroup Inv Core Income - D10.41%
MMI 20140410.10%
MMI 2015067.30%
MMI 2014115.42%
ZAR Cash4.70%
MMI 2014034.67%
MMI 2014024.15%
MMI 2014053.21%
MMI 2015023.11%
Total % 78.91%
Asset Allocation at end December 2013
Top Holdings at end September 2013
Holding% of Fund
Nedgroup Inv Core Income - D18.08%
ZAR Cash11.90%
MMI 2013115.99%
MMI 2015065.85%
MMI 2014115.53%
MMI 2014034.47%
MMI 2013103.55%
MMI 2015022.80%
MMI 2014012.76%
Total % 78.75%
Top Holdings at end June 2013
Holding% of Fund
Nedgroup Inv Core Income - D18.48%
MMI 2015068.72%
MMI 2014118.27%
MMI 2013087.74%
ZAR Cash5.90%
MMI 2013104.50%
MMI 2013114.31%
MMI 2015024.16%
MMI 2014103.37%
Total % 75.42%